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The Nerd

I’m a technology leader, software engineer, and entrepreneur living and working in Europe. I love travel gear, bags, tech, and all things nerd and geek. Formerly a professional soccer player and coach, I grew up playing games (IRL and on-screen) while learning to code. During my playing career, I started a custom software company building sites and web applications for small businesses across the globe. After working in education technology for almost a decade and after multiple acquisitions and exits, I’ve returned to the sports world to bring my two favorite passions together.

Our nerd family spends our free time traveling and exploring. We’ve visited dozens of cities and 10+ countries since moving to Europe in early 2020, right before the pandemic. Our travels were significantly limited for the first 12 months, but as soon as borders opened, we hit the road/tracks/air and have not stopped since.

Why did I start this?

I have been traveling weekly for over a decade and have honed and optimized my gear, technology, and travel methodology. This site aims to recommend the best products and tips I’ve discovered while traveling to save YOU time and money.

It’s also an experiment in audience building, social networking, and a real-world opportunity to learn and practice SEO skills.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Our goal is to recommend only the best products that may help you in your travel adventures. Using Amazon and other affiliate programs is one small way to keep this site alive with quality recommendations and continue experimenting with new gear. We are always looking for new travel gear and tech products to review. If you’re a new product looking for an honest review, we’ll be happy to put it through the paces in our travels.