My favorite bag type: The tech duffle

Tortuga Setout Duffle on a bed

Sometimes a backpack won’t cut it. Maybe you need a second bag or more space than your backpack provides. A tech duffle solved both for me.

I had the same requirements as my travel backpack when I looked around for this bag. I tried the original Aer Gym Duffel (an almost perfect bag with less-than-ideal tech organization). Still, in my research, I saw that a newer brand, Tortuga, had a great option that hit all requirements and even had a pass-through feature of the bag. Not that I regularly travel with rolling/spinning suitcases, but every so often, I will, which can ease my carry burden.

Sadly my bag, the Tortuga Setout Duffle, is discontinued, but check out Pack Hacker’s duffle list for other options with similar features. The Aer Travel Duffel and lululemon More Miles Duffle look like excellent options.

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