These packing cubes are fantastic

Eagle creek travel gear Specter packing cubes on a chair

I have always been a fan of Eagle Creek travel gear. I have multiple backpacks and sets of packing cubes made by them, some of which I’ve had for over ten years and are still going strong.

This piece of gear seems so easy but is often overlooked. We have about six sets of packing cubes and use one set more than most. The Eagle Creek Specter set weighs almost nothing and has zipper compression to fit more than non-expandable cubes. These are also translucent, so quickly finding what you’re looking for is easier. Whether you lay flat, roll clothes, or organize by type or day, using ANY packing cubes will help you stay organized.

The Eagle Creek Garment Folders are also excellent for packing dress clothes and keeping them wrinkle-free. At 6’2″, 190lbs, I’m usually able to fit 2-3 pairs of pants and 3-4 shirts.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear

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