A VPN is a “must” for security, but wait, there’s more!

Phone with VPN app on a laptop

Using a VPN is essential to remain safe online, but there are other benefits. Like most households, we pay for multiple streaming services; unfortunately, most of these do not work in Europe. Instead of paying for services we can’t use or canceling them, we use a VPN to access these services as we travel.

We use NordVPN on our phones, tablets, and laptops to stay safe, but it can also be installed on an Amazon Fire stick that connects to our TV. So if we want to watch a live USMNT game or the series finale of Better Call Saul, it doesn’t matter where we are.

Did you know that Netflix content varies by region? If you want to watch the excellent Spy x Family anime (based on the hit manga), just set your VPN to one of the few Asian countries streaming it and connect to Netflix for the region-specific content. Similar tricks were used to watch Bluey season 3 before it made it to Disney+.

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