How I find random cool places in new cities

Berlin Subway from Hanna fight scene

While my wife typically plans the sights we see, I tend to look for less traditional things to do and see in addition to the typical locations. One of my favorite things to research is movie filming locations in a city and see what else we find along the way. You can find guided movie tours in some bigger cities, but it’s almost more fun to plan your own. I’ve included a quick list below from recent memory where we were able to watch the movie before or after visiting.

  • Berlin – Hanna, Captain America: Civil War
  • Venice – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Cartagena – Gemini Man

As someone who enjoys games and comics, another simple google search I use is “geek/nerd/cool locations in X,” or I search simply for “comic book stores”. These searches have pointed me toward some of the most random and fun places, including the Computer Games Museum in Berlin (more in a future issue), the American Book Centre in Amsterdam, and the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

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